Viable Solutions

Enlightening in the Dark

Who We Are

I am a sonographer, but more importantly, I am someone who wants to play a role in making our healthcare better-not only for our patients, but also for our sonographers. My goal is to provide sonographers with more fetal heart education, and in turn, provide pregnant patients with the best possible care. I believe we can only provide the best patient care if we are truly striving to be our best. Not only is this beneficial for the families, but by gaining more knowledge you build your confidence and skills.  I am so excited to work together to raise more awareness for congenital heart defects, one image (or dual screen) at a time. 

        What People Are Saying

"Megan was great!  I am an adult echo instructor at a local college and connected with Megan to introduce some fetal echo to some of my students that were close to graduating. Her communication leading up to her presentation (and after!) was wonderful and I felt like I knew her before she even arrived. Her presentation was extremely informative, but the definite highlight was when the students got to scan on a live fetal heart, thanks to a wonderful volunteer. Even my most hesitant student enjoyed it and I know it definitely piqued the interest of several other students in the room. Many have said it was their favorite part of the quarter!  Highly recommend!!! " -Allison J.

"We love her knowledge and personality that makes the lecture enjoyable to listen to. It is hard to find any resource that can help you grow and learn, but Megan provides that."-Amanda R.

“…the hands-on training helped us gain confidence in our scanning abilities to rule out major heart anomalies. Megan knew just what tweak or window to use for each heart view, even with baby in a difficult position.” –Katie V.

"I highly recommend Megan with Viable Solutions. She was beyond easy to work with and brought valuable information to our students and clinical instructors. She was approachable, patient, and reassuring during the scanning instruction portion, putting each sonographer at ease. Her fetal heart chart is a great addition to our lab, and her methods for determining situs are a game-changer. Do not hesitate to bring her in for guest lectures or in-office training. SO WORTH IT!" -April S.